Send Money to Indonesia

The registration process will only need to be completed once. For subsequent transfers, proceed straight to step 2

1. Register

- Download the registration form
- Fill out the form and send it, along with the required documents, to:
4 Convent Court, Coburg North, VIC 3058
For more information on the registration process please visit Detailed Registration Steps,
call us on 61 3 9350 1100
or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


2. Find out Today’s Exchange Rate

Choose any of the following options :
- SMS RATE to 61 402 521 376 or 61 425 813 751
- Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- View our latest rate on our website
- Call us on 61 3 9350 1100


3. Deposit Your Funds and Fee into One of Our Bank Accounts

Kangaroo Service has accounts with major Australian banks. You can transfer funds into any of these accounts:

    Bank BSB Acc No. Account Name
    NAB 083-004 32-112-1460 Kangaroo Service
    We charge a fee per beneficiaries. To calculate your free, use the table below :

    Fee Structure Fee
    Up to $5,000
    (Maximum for each transaction is $5,000)

Remember to put your name as a sender and inform beneficiary name in reference so we can quicly identify your funds and avoid an unnecessary delay with your confirmation.

4. Confirm Your Transfer

After completing your transfer, please Contact Us to tell us where the funds are to be transferred and Inform us the details of your transaction below:

- Name of Sender

- Name of Beneficiary

- Details of Beneficiary bank

- Source of Funds

- Purpose of Transaction

- Kindly Verify Both of Sender and Beneficiary Phone Number are registered in us and Able to received a call.


5. Clearance and Approval

Once the funds has been cleared in our account and the transaction has been approved by our compliance and third parties we can process your transaction.

This Method usually takes 1 working Day or 2 Working days at the latest.


6. Receive Confirmation

Confirmation will be sent to your email or Mobile phone number if you do transfer by Email or Mobile Text.



Vesak Day

Tuesday, 29/05/2018 Kangaroo Service is Closed.

And Reopen as Usual on Wednesday, 30/05/2018


Our Indonesia Office has moved to:

Plaza Pondok Indah 5 Blok C No. 2

Jl Marga Guna Raya, Jakarta Selatan

DKI Jakarta 12310



  • Maximum Transfer Amount from Australia$5000/day
  • Maximum Transfer Amount from Indonesia to Australia has no limitation*.
  • Opening Soon, Money Transfer Services to transfer from Indonesia into Malaysia & Singapore!
*Required explanation for source of fund and purpose of transaction information.

Australia Bank Account Details:

Kangaroo Service

BSB: 083 004

Account 32-112-1460

For more information please contact us:

(P) 61 3 93501100

or you can contact us to (for Australia customers only):

- 0425813751

- 0402521376

Exchange Rate
Indonesia to Australia
1 AUD$ = Rp
Australia to Indonesia
1 AUD$ = Rp
(valid from 10am to 4pm AEST)
*Exchange Rate may change without prior notice
Send From:
Indonesia to Australia
Australia to Indonesia
Send Amount
Received Amount

Send Amount:
Transfer Fee:
Total Amount:
Received Amount:
Exchange Rate of :
1 AU$ = IDR
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