(Only To Send Money From Australia to Indonesia)

*Please contact us for BUSINESS Registration Step

  1. Fill The Registration Form:
    1. Download the Kangaroo Service Registration form, choose your form for INDIVIDUAL NON-BUSINESS and print it out.
    2. Complete your details in Part 01 of the form.
    3. In Part 02 your Beneficiary (the person who will receive your funds in Indonesia) details.
    4. Tick the box in ACKNOWLEDGENT of the form and write the date you completed the form and your signature and name.

  2. Electronic Verification:
    • Send it by email to us details and required document below:
      • Scan of Passport and/or Driver License,
      • Current address and phone number,
      • Scan of Utility bills (Gas/Water/Electricity/Bank) in which your name and address are stated.
      • Filling consent statement (Name, DOB and address), Kindly Contact us for the consent statement Format
    • Please Understand that Electronic Verification not always succeed. and when it is failed you have to follow the instruction below:

  3. Failed in Electronic Verification then you need to:
    1. For Sender need to Obtain a certified copy of an acceptable Identity Document (Passport or Driver’s License) You can find the Details of how to obtain a certified copy are at the first page of the form.
    2. For The Beneficiary need to Obtain a copy of Identitiy document (should have address information in the ID, Usually Indonesian National ID Card or Indonesian Driver License)

  4. Post the completed Registration Form to Kangaroo Service Office. Our address is at the top of the form.

  5. Once we already received your Mail, we will confirm by Mail and text message to your Mobile number that you filled in your Form that you have been registered to send money through our service.

Step for each transfer

  1. Check Our AUD/IDR exchange rate for the day on Our Website, Facebook FAN PAGE, Twitter, or by texting “RATE” (without quotation marks) to 0402 521 376 or 0425 813 751, and calculate the equivalent Australian dollar (AUD) amount, you can use the calculator on Our website (

  2. Transfer the appropriate amount in Australian Dollars to one of our bank accounts and have to be send using Internet BANKING, we don’t accept any Deposit Cash through Branch.
    Bank BSB Acc No. Account Name
    NAB 083-004 32-112-1460 Kangaroo Service
  3. Contact Our Customer Service by Phone / Email / Text for Confirmation the details of Your transfer, including your name, the amount sent, and the sending bank, and Your Beneficiary Name. We will send the Confirmation by Email or Text when we already Process your Funds, and the Funds will be Received in Your Beneficiary Acc 4hours (latest time) from Our Confirmation.


    03 9350 1100


    0425 819 751 – 0402 521 376


    03 9350 3160


    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  4. Our Indonesia office will email you the receipt transfer once the transaction is complete (if you filled Your Email in the Registration Form).

Add or Update New Beneficiary

Please Provide us the Details for your New Beneficiary (all Details in Part 02 on Our Registration Form) and send it to Our email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


International Labour Day

Tuesday, 01/05/2018 Kangaroo Service is Closed.

And Reopen as Usual on Wednesday, 02/05/2018


Our Indonesia Office has moved to:

Plaza Pondok Indah 5 Blok C No. 2

Jl Marga Guna Raya, Jakarta Selatan

DKI Jakarta 12310



  • Maximum Transfer Amount from Australia$5000/day
  • Maximum Transfer Amount from Indonesia to Australia has no limitation*.
  • Opening Soon, Money Transfer Services to transfer from Indonesia into Malaysia & Singapore!
*Required explanation for source of fund and purpose of transaction information.

Australia Bank Account Details:

Kangaroo Service

BSB: 083 004

Account 32-112-1460

For more information please contact us:

(P) 61 3 93501100

or you can contact us to (for Australia customers only):

- 0425813751

- 0402521376

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