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No Deposit Information
Announcement for Kangaroo Service Australia Costumers
( Important notice to send money from Australia into indonesia )
A message to our valued customers, we appreciate your ongoing patronage of our money transfer services, between Indonesia and Australia. In order to stream line our processes and to comply with anti‐money laundering law

We have decided to abolish money transfers via direct deposit at the branch.
This new policy begins on the 1st of March, 2013.

Please note:
After this date, any time that our customers deposit into a branch, this money will not be processed and will be refunded.

Here are some alternative methods of payment, that are just as easy and convenient.
- MobileBanking
- Internet Banking
- Telephone Banking

The benefits of these methods of money transfer compared with direct deposit at the bank include:
- No lengthy queues
- No need to leave home
- A faster processing time
- Greater security and protection against identity theft

The Reasons
We always have the financial safety of our customers in mind. Eliminating payments via direct deposit at a branch, means we are reducing the risk of fraud and money laundering. By taking this decision, it also means that we comply with banking regulations in Australia.

For more information about performing a money transfer via these methods, please contact us today.



International Labour Day

Tuesday, 01/05/2018 Kangaroo Service is Closed.

And Reopen as Usual on Wednesday, 02/05/2018


Our Indonesia Office has moved to:

Plaza Pondok Indah 5 Blok C No. 2

Jl Marga Guna Raya, Jakarta Selatan

DKI Jakarta 12310



  • Maximum Transfer Amount from Australia$5000/day
  • Maximum Transfer Amount from Indonesia to Australia has no limitation*.
  • Opening Soon, Money Transfer Services to transfer from Indonesia into Malaysia & Singapore!
*Required explanation for source of fund and purpose of transaction information.

Australia Bank Account Details:

Kangaroo Service

BSB: 083 004

Account 32-112-1460

For more information please contact us:

(P) 61 3 93501100

or you can contact us to (for Australia customers only):

- 0425813751

- 0402521376

Exchange Rate
Indonesia to Australia
1 AUD$ = Rp
Australia to Indonesia
1 AUD$ = Rp
(valid from 10am to 4pm AEST)
*Exchange Rate may change without prior notice
Send From:
Indonesia to Australia
Australia to Indonesia
Send Amount
Received Amount

Send Amount:
Transfer Fee:
Total Amount:
Received Amount:
Exchange Rate of :
1 AU$ = IDR
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